Lindy Garneau :: 

Living into Transformation

Frontier College, 14th Annual Literacy Conference

Trent University

Transformational Learning, Mentoring Relationships and Community: 

How supportive learning environments provide access to literacy

The greatest learning experiences are those that continuously challenge us to explore our learning edge. They ask us to examine who we are while providing a mentor and/or supportive community to mirror back our strengths and to accompany us on our learning journey. Within the supportive learning environment access to literacy is possible and the learning experience is transformational. This interactive presentation will ask you to reflect on your greatest learning experience and will discuss practical ways to create supportive learning environments through mentoring relationships and community building.

Trent Active Minds, First Annual Wellness Symposium

Trent University 

How We Move through Difficult Times: 

Inviting joy, passion, creativity, and gratitude into our lives! 

What brings you joy? When was the last time you felt passionately uplifted? How are you accessing your creative energies? What are you grateful for? Through the use of powerful coaching questions and transformational learning tools this interactive workshop will focus on raising your awareness about the good in your life. Be prepared to look within, dig deep, and give yourself the gift of self-love – YOU ARE WORTH IT!

"By definition, all learning means change. Someone learns, and something is different: 

a behavior, an attitude, a skill, a rule, a role, or even a way of looking at oneself and the world. 

For human beings, learned change occurs in every context of life."

 - Alan Mandell & Lee Herman